Digital Oilfield Pioneer vMonitor Opens Branch in Qatar

vMonitor, the 10 year pioneer of the Digital Oilfield announced their new branch was open in the State of Qatar 2nd of May 2013 following the company securing a project with Qatar Petroleum in March.

The project includes monitoring of pressure in a number of wells in one onshore field using state-of-the-art wireless transmitters and wireless remote terminal units.

“vMonitor has extensive experience in the region and we aim to bring the experience to Qatar and Qatar Petroleum” said Sami Suheil, Chief Operating Officer for vMonitor.

vMonitor’s Qatar office (vMonitor, L.L.C.) is a branch of the Abu Dhabi office, the headquarters for operations in the Middle East, North Africa, and India.

vMonitor’s concept of the Digital Oilfield utilizes innovative monitoring and automation solutions that combine cutting edge wireless instrumentation (wellhead sensors) and wireless communication (gateways, remote terminal units, wireless backbone), as well as visualization software (SCADA) to help clients make important decisions and improve production.