About Us

Horizon Energy is a holding Company for a wide range of interests, specializing in Oil & Gas, E & P, support services, offshore / onshore facilities, including appropriate financial engineering.

The Horizon Group is based in Abu Dhabi and specializes in creating investment opportunities for business using its sharp focus, extensive connections and intimate knowledge of the Gulf Region, Middle East and Near East.

The Group has strong associations in the U.A.E., Oman, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, and several African countries.

Horizon Energy’s guiding philosophy is that the economic conditions in the Gulf, Middle and Near East have never been more conducive to the development of substantial, resource-based activities, both upstream and downstream.

This presents opportunities and with its management’s knowledge of the region and multinational partners who have worked in the countries of the area for more than four decades, Horizon Energy is placed to guide its clients and partners toward situations which include all branches of business activity.

Horizon Group was formed to take advantage of investment opportunities in the Oil & Gas sector. Since its inception, it has been providing Oil & Gas services and support services. In order to achieve these aims, Horizon Energy has acquired a portfolio of investments which enables it to participate in a wide range of oilfield related activities.

Hand in hand with the establishment of assets, Horizon Energy has developed a network of advisers and consultants who can be called upon at short notice, and enables Horizon Energy to be functional in any given area on a rapid basis. This, of course, includes geologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers, marine engineering specialists, legal practitioners specializing in resource projects, and financial engineers. Group entities are already significant instrumentation and civil work contractors to companies in the ADNOC Group, and Horizon Energy either partners or sponsors a number of foreign service companies engaged in work with Abu Dhabi operating companies. The group is also a significant investor in a listed shipyard in Sri Lanka.