Horizon Representation of Companies LLC

Horizon Representation of Companies

Horizon Representation of Companies L.L.C. was established in early 2011 as a branch of Horizon Energy Group. The branch represents foreign companies that add value to the Group with no conflict of interest. Below are the companies represented by Horizon Representation of Companies.


vMonitor logo

Since 2002, vMonitor, a Rockwell Automation company, has been “Creating the Digital Oilfield” with its extensive application know-how inclusive of, wireless telemetry, hardware, software, sensors and the ability to seamlessly integrate solutions. With over 4,000 wellheads currently under remote and constant digital observation it can be argued that vMonitor is the leader within the field.

Learn more about vMonitor at www.vmonitor.com


Aurecon Engineering

Aurecon is a leading, vibrant, global group created by the recent coming together of three world-class companies, Africon, Connell Wagner and Ninham Shand. With around 7,000 staff and over 80 offices worldwide, Aurecon has a presence in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Southeast Asia, China, and the Middle East.

Aurecon provides a broad range of multidisciplinary services across diverse market sectors, and serves clients globally. Aurecon is committed to securing an enduring sustainable future and embraces diversity.

The company is principally owned by the executive staff, a group of hands-on professionals who continue to build their technical expertise. They are heavily involved in team management, staff development, and project work, with a strong focus on economic viability, constructability, functionality, and sustainability.

Learn more about Aurecon at www.aurecongroup.com


Petrell is a leading provider of cutting edge technology within multi-physics process simulation: Brilliant and VessFire. They offer consultancy services within fire safety design, gas dispersion and process systems safety/blow-down, in addition to general safety studies and risk analysis.

Petrell is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology within multi-physics process simulation:

  • Brilliant™

    A powerful and flexible simulation system that integrates fluid dynamics (CFD), thermodynamics and structural engineering (FEM)

  • VessFire™

    A simulator for time-dependent nonlinear analysis of thermo-mechanical responses during blow-down of process segments for equipment exposed or unexposed to fire. VessFire fully complies with:

    • “Guidelines for the Protection of Pressurised Systems Exposed to Fire”, Statoil, Hydro, Scandpower
    • “Guidelines for the Design and Protection of Pressure Systems to Withstand Severe Fires”, IPE, London

We tailor simulation systems for special applications. The characteristic features are:

  • An object based flexible grid with huge span in resolution of geometry
  • Combination and simultaneous use of different physical processes

Petrell assists research institutions, authorities, engineering companies and oil companies with the evaluation of design guidelines, engineering analysis, trouble-shooting and verifications.

Learn more about Petrell at www.petrell.no

China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation (CPTDC)

China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation (CPTDC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), as the largest supplier of Chinese petroleum and petrochemical materials and equipment in the world, engages in the overall plan of domestic sales and export of the manufactured materials and equipment of CNPC and takes the responsibility to provide materials and equipment for CNPC overseas projects.

With 53 overseas offices strategically located in 40 countries, CPTDC has supplied its products to 70 countries and regions and has maintained a stable marketing network in world major oil production areas, boasting an annual contract value of over 2 billion US Dollars.

Based on the strong manufacture capability and technical edge of CNPC, CPTDC can provide customers a full range of petroleum materials and equipment from upstream to downstream. All the CNPC manufacturers are API or ISO certified.

CPTDC possesses a professional technical support system to provide customized complete solutions covering technical plan, quality control, installation, commissioning and after-sales services. Up to now, CPTDC has succeeded in the execution of the contracts for 218drilling rigs and 391workover rigs as well as 7,000km pipe line. With 14 warehouses, maintenance and service centers and 2 assembly & fabrication sites across the globe, the corporation’s in-time and professional services have been widely acclaimed by users.

CPTDC’s operation principle is “Based on Service, Striving for Excellence”. The corporation aims to build the international brand of CNPC petroleum materials and equipment and endeavors to become a major supplier in the world energy industry. CPTDC commits itself to introducing more Chinese petroleum equipment and technology into the world market and making more contribution to the development of Chinese petroleum manufacturing industry.

Learn more about CPTDC at www.cptdc.com

SiGED Emirates

SiGED logo

Since first setting up operations in 1995, SiGED Emirates has forged a reputation for offering dependable integrated solutions for the United Arab Emirates Oil & Gas industry. With strong partnerships with global network of leading technology suppliers, SiGED offer a set of niche specialist services.

Their workshop in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, provides end-to-end engineering capabilities from steel fabrication to installation, testing, commissioning and full after-sales maintenance support. Their integrated services offering includes analytical integration, environmental solutions and process equipment.

As a leading mechanical engineering contractor within the Middle East, they have delivered more than 150 Oil & Gas related projects in the UAE alone. Through SiGED’s best-in-class workmanship they have cultivated long-term relationships with ADNOC, ADMA-OPCO and ZADCO, meeting the stringent standards they have come to expect of SiGED Emirates.



STATS Group is a specialist engineering company and service provider that operates predominantly in the arena of piping and pipeline integrity and maintenance. STATS supply a comprehensive range of products and services, which enable piping and pipeline isolation, intervention, inspection, repair, connection, and testing work scopes.

The majority of their works are undertaken on mature assets, typically process piping onboard offshore facilities (fixed and floating). They also supply products and services for infield and trunk pipelines both onshore and subsea, as well as onshore processing and distribution terminal facilities.

Established in 1998, STATS key drivers of providing innovation, value and rapid response, has cemented their reputation in the UK-North Sea Sector for always exceeding client expectations. Every product in the STATS portfolio is designed, manufactured, assembled and tested by STATS own in-house engineers and technicians.

Learn more about CPTDC at www.statsgroup.com



Versar is a Global Project Management Company providing Sustainable Solutions to Government and Commercial Clients in Construction Management, Environmental Services, Munitions Response, Telecommunications and Energy.

Versar provides tailored and secure solutions in harsh environments and offers specialized abilities in Rapid Response, Classified Projects, and Hazardous Material Management. Our unwavering commitment to Quality, Safety and Best Value ensures the highest returns for our Clients, Shareholders and Employees.

Learn more about Versar at www.versar.com



The Middle East’s leading solutions provider and systems integrator, STME has established strategic partnerships with a broad range of IT system manufacturers, to enable the delivery of the best-of-breed solutions of any scale or complexity.

Since 1982 STME was built on a solid foundation of storage provision to provide turnkey integrated system solutions for some of the Middle East’s most important business-critical data. Acknowledged as the region’s premier end-to-end enterprise IT solutions provider, STME delivers unparalleled service through a team of highly qualified solution design specialists.

Learn more about STME at www.stme.com


A proven web-based enterprise system, Coreworx software enables EPCs and owner-operators to automate best practices, mitigate business risk and improve performance to budget throughout the entire project life cycle.

Coreworx solutions integrate with existing systems for accelerated project stand up to quickly ensure the controlled distribution of information, management of asset integrity, design control and configuration management. Real-time analysis ensures accurate, predictive project data to keep projects on schedule, accurate and within scope.

Founded in 1997, Coreworx services a portfolio of projects valued at over $700 billion across more than 40 countries, on more than 600 capital projects with nearly 70,000 users and offices in Kitchener, Calgary, Houston (USA), and Perth (Australia).

Learn more about Coreworx at www.coreworx.com

Vantage Drilling International

Vantage Drilling International is an offshore drilling contractor that operates and manages a fleet of modern, high specification drilling rigs on a worldwide basis. It owns and manages a fleet currently consists of three DSME Ultra Deepwater Drillships, two managed DSME Ultra Deepwater Drillships, and four BMC 375 Jackups.

Since its inception in 2007 it had forged a very experienced and dynamic team of personnel from across the globe to support our worldwide Drilling Operations.

Learn more about Vantage Drilling International at www.vantagedrilling.com

Stellar Energy

Stellar Energy has helped companies and public utilities worldwide reduce energy costs, optimize energy performance and prepare for the energy needs of the future for more than 20 years. Stellar Energy consider total cost of ownership in order to deliver an energy solution that doesn’t simply solve a problem, but adds bottom-line value for clients. That’s why more than 65% of their business is repeat business.

Stellar Energy deliver custom energy solutions. By avoiding an off-the-shelf approach, their solutions more effectively help their clients increase their profitability, enhance their power output and cost-effectively cool their environments and industrial processes.

Learn more about Stellar Energy at www.stellar-energy.net

Expro Group

Expro Group was set up in Great Yarmouth in 1973 and produced the first UK oil from the Argyll Field on June 11, 1975. Since then their well flow management services have grown around the world. Expro Group now have over 5,400 people in over 50 countries.

Expro Group provide a range of solutions including: Exploration & Appraisal Testing, Subsea Safety Systems, Drilling & Completion, Flowback & Clean-up, Production, and Well Integrity & Intervention

Learn more about Expro Group at www.exprogroup.com